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Courses in which a user is enrolled sometimes show full breadcrumbs even when navshowmycategories is disabled



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    • 3.5.2, 3.6.2
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      What Happens

      If a user navigates to the page of a course in which they are enrolled, but that does not appear in My Courses – for example, due to MDL-64682 – the breadcrumb navigation shows the full category trail.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set navshowcategories to true (Settings > Appearance > Navigation)
      2. Set navshowmycategories to false (Settings > Appearance > Navigation)
      3. Log in as a user enrolled in a number of courses greater than the value of navcourselimit
      4. Navigate to one of the courses that does not appear under "My Courses" in the Navigation block
      5. Observe the full breadcrumb trail, instead of "My Courses > Course"

      Why It's Bad

      This happens without regard for the navshowcategories and navshowmycategories settings. The help string for navshowcategories specifically states:

      Show course categories in the navigation bar and navigation blocks. This does not occur with courses the user is currently enrolled in, they will still be listed under mycourses without categories.

      Full breadcrumbs display even for courses in which the user is enrolled. At my institution, as an example, we have all of our categories hidden. When the full breadcrumbs are displayed they link to categories which are hidden, meaning that when the user follows those links they get an error.


      Regardless of the resolution of MDL-64682 the current behavior should be modified to obey the navigation settings. If navshowmycategories is disabled, we should not be showing full breadcrumbs for courses in which the user is enrolled, only "My Courses > Course".


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