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Standard Message API (code included)



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      I have found that recently every time I code a block or a module I end up writing up some sort of notification system to inform the user of errors or to inform the user that something worked successfully.

      So, I thought that a standard API would be nice to have because I have noticed that other modules are also having to create custom code for informing the user of what has happened. Also, by having a standard API, the look and feel of Moodle will be more singular.

      The proposed API has a method for setting any number of messages. These messages are stored in the session to allow for calling a redirect before printing the message. And of course, the API has a method for printing all of the messages. All messages are printed with notify().

      Note: The function for printing the messages could even be called in the theme header or in print_header so that all messages are printed in the same location.

      Here is the PHPdoc of the two functions:


      • Sets a message to be printed. Messages are printed
      • by calling {@link print_messages()}


      • @uses $SESSION
      • @param string $message The message to be printed
      • @param string $class Class to be passed to {@link notify()}. Usually notifyproblem or notifysuccess.
        * @param string $align Alignment of the message
        * @return boolean
        function set_message($message, $class="notifyproblem", $align='center')

        * Print all set messages.
        * See {@link set_message()} for setting messages.
        * Uses {@link notify()}

        to print the messages.

      • @uses $SESSION
      • @return boolean
        function print_messages()


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