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Enforce Group Names as Case-Insensitve



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      In assisting a faculty member and trying out some new Group aware plugins this semester, I have found an item I want to file a tracker on.  In my opinion, this is a “bug”.  However, I have filed it as an “Improvement” because I know that some folks may argue that it is either a “feature” or has been broken in Moodle so long that fixing it would break existing work patterns. 

      Today in Moodle, group names are case sensitive.  I feel that this was probably a missed bug early on.  I can not think of any use cases in which an instructor would purposefully want to have for example Group A and GROUP A in the same course. 

      • When my school was not using groups, this was obviously not a problem.
      • When my school began using groups, but each course would only have 3 or 4 groups and they would be created through the primary Moodle interface where they were all visible in the interface, this was not a problem. The instructor could see, Oh I have already added Group A.
      • When my school began having immensely large classes and breaking students up into 15+ groups in a class, that 16 + group scrolls below the box.  Meaning they could potentially duplicate a course name if they aren’t being careful.
      • When we began looking at other ways to create groups through third party plugins, then things become really open to problems. They ask the users (or in one plugins case the students as well) to be able to create groups in ways that can easily lead to duplicate names. 

      Some of these plugins that create groups today….


      One final point:  I think from an Accessibility standpoint, that having group names that would all be read the same way by a screen reader may also be problematic. 

      I propose that the group name should be case-insensitive.

      Thanks for considering this.




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