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restoring quiz overwrites questions everywhere



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      I have a published category of questions, originally created in course 1. At some point, I moved the quiz using these questions to course 2, although I am not sure if this detail matters in the overall problem. Now, I restored an older version of the quiz from course 2 from a backup made 2 months ago to course 3. Several questions had changed since two months ago. However, with restoration of the old backup of those questions, the newer version of the questions was replaced by the older version everywhere I can access the questions from, whether it be course 1, course 2 or course 3.

      Now, I should say this actually was the behavior I wanted to happen because it was the easiest way for me to restore my screwed up cloze questions back to the way I wanted them. However, it doesn't seem to me that this is the behavior that should happen. It seems dangerous that questions that could be used in other courses could be overwritten simply by a teacher in a different course restoring the quiz using those questions.


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