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intl php extension not working in "Moodle installer package for Windows."



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.7
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      Somehow, this problem has been around for a while with nobody reporting it.

      On a brand new install of Windows 10, I downloaded the current "Moodle installer package for Windows" from Moodle.org, and installed it.  When I then "start" Moodle and go through the setup routine, I get to the "checks" web page and "intl" is not installed (see attachment.)

      In the "Moodle installer package for Mac OS X" intl is installed, so this is only the PC installer problem.

      As I have worked with this PC installer in the past, this seemed to always be a problem., but I decided to report it now because 1) Moodle 3.7 install notes say "intl" is required, and 2) the installer is for Moodle 3.7.  So I was hoping that the newest installer would finally fix this problem by having everything needed to run this Moodle installed.

      Yes, sometimes one has to uncomment the line in php.ini to enable intl.  However, I looked and the intl extension is already uncommented (but I seem to recall that in previous versions that intl was commented, but uncommenting this didn't help.

      So it seems odd to me that maybe someone realized to uncomment the intl extension line in php.ini, but never verified that it was actually working.

      Given my experience, I thought that I would report this as a bug.  These installers, as provided by moodle.org, should be able to pass the "check" web page.

      As a side note, when I download XAMPP from scratch and then install Moodle from scratch, I can get "intl" working.




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