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AMD modules loaded by YUI on pageload lead to duplicate requirejs loads


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    • 3.7, 4.0.8
    • JavaScript

      1. Create a new glossary with autolinking enabled
      2. Add a new glossary entry
      3. Enable the Glossary filter
      4. Add some text to the course page to show the glossary link
      5. View the dev tools => Network tab, and reload the page
        1. Note: first.js loaded
        2. Note: event.js loaded

      I'd hazard a guess that requirejs is loading first.js async in the background at the time that event.js is loaded, and as a result event.js is also fetched.

      Ideally requirejs needs to only load -lazy items, but I don't think that's possible. We may have to change the requirejs loader to load first.js sync so that it blocks but that's not a great solution either.


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