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Moodle Calendar: The edit form for changing repeating events should be optimized



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      Hi there,

      a user of our instance pointed us to this difficulty in dealing with the calendar form for repeating events.

      Status quo and Problem description
      You have created a repeating event in the calender. Now you want to change one event by using the calendar form interface. You open the dialogue for this event and change, for example the date of the event in two days in the future. Now you click save and you see that suddenly all corresponding events are moved two days ahead. However, this has not been your intention as you wanted to change only the event you chose and opened the form with.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. As a teacher open the calendar
      2. Click on a day and a create a new repeating event:
        1. Title your event, eg. Repeating Task
        2. Course: Select one of your courses
        3. Click on link "Show more"
        4. Enable checkbox "Repeat this event"
        5. Repeat weekly, creating altogether: e.g. 3
        6. Save
      1. Open the first event of the series by clicking on the Title
      2. In the modal dialogue showing up click on button "Edit"
      3. Change the date to 2 days in the future
        => See that all events have been moved

      Current implementation
      If the teacher wants to achieve his goal to just alter the event he clicked on, he needs to open up the advanced setting by clicking on the link "Show more" and then change the default setting of "Repeated events" from "Also apply changes to the other x events in this repeat series" to "Apply changes to this event only".

      We think this is not very intuitive and as our user experienced it, could lead to frustration on the user side.


      • Option 1:
        This setting could be moved from the first hidden advanced features section to the section that's always visible. So it's more unlikely that a user oversees this setting while altering the event.
      • Option 2:
        When saving the repeating event the user could be asked in a further dialogue if he really wants to apply these changes to all events in this dialogue or if he just wants to change this single event. The best would be if this question would only show up when the advanced settings are not shown. If there are visible while saving, you could assume that the user saw the setting and did the selection by purpose.
      • Option 3:
        The setting could be entirely removed from the form and be instead selected by the buttons. Instead of one button "Save", there could be a button "Save for this event" and another button "Save for the whole series. Then it should be clear for what events the changes should be applied to and the user does not have to change radio buttons.

      Best, Kathrin




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