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Remove the @app tests from core



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      In order to add more @app tests for the core feature in a consistent way, it has been decided to have all them placed in a local plugin for app tests which just has app tests: https://github.com/moodlehq/moodle-local_moodlemobileapp/

      Although a few core feature behat @app tests were included in MDL-63977 (i.e. forum) to check the framework works, there was never any intent to provide behat tests for app functionality for core.

      The reason behind that decision is that the core functionality provided in the app (activities, course, navigation) is all native to the app; the 3rd party plugins are all written within the Moodle plugin and are just presented in the app. The forum one is a case in point. That test was written when the app was at 3.6.0 and it worked. It continued to work at 3.6.1 of the app and was also working last week after the release of Moodle 3.7.0. Since then the app has had a forum update which causes all existing forum behat to fail. That is not due to a failure in Forum, or the core Web Services, or the core Behat. It's due to a change in the App itself and the interactions that it presents. A contrib plugin has its own mobile code bundled with its own behat tests. Aside from major refactors of the mobile app, both the UI presentation, and the tests are fully under control of the developer. For core functionality, including core plugins like forum, the functionality in the app is provided natively by the app and not Moodle but we are adding tests for this functionality to Moodle. Whilst we can use the @app_upto3.6.1 it's still not going to help us in the long term because we have no way of identifying which tests are going to fail, up until they do fail, by which point we've already released.


      So instead of fixing the issues raised with app-3.7 in MDL-65832, we are going to close it and remove completely the @app tests from core.


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