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Prevent teacher from giving permission moodle/coursepermission:ignorefilesizelimits to his students



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      At the university where I'm working, we have made sure that teachers can not use files that exceed all size restrictions (moodle / course: ignorefilesizelimits). We have a 200mo restriction by default.

      On the other hand, the teacher has the possibility of granting this permission for his students in his class. We wondered if it was normal for the teacher to grant this permission when he does not have it himself.

      I did several tests by granting me, as a student, this permission and I was able to file a 6go file without any problems.

      My team and I want the teacher to no longer be able to give this permission moodle/course permission:ignorefilesizelimits to his students.



      To reproduce the bug, here the steps:

      1. Make sure that the teacher role does not have the moodle / course permission: ignorefilesizelimits in Site administration > Users > Permissions >Define roles and select Teacher. In the filter type ignore to be sure that the teacher role does not have permission moodle / course: ignorefilesizelimits.(See Step 1 image)
      2. After making sure the teacher role does not have permission, create a homework assignment with the default 200mo limit in your Moodle space.
      3. After creating the assignment, go to the list of your participants. Click User Administration> Permissions. (See step 3 and 4 image)
      4. In Advanced role substitute select the Student role. Write ignore to simplify your search. Click on the + and add this permission to your students. (See step 3 and 4 image)
      5. After granting this permission to your students. Log in as a student and try to hand over a homework that exceeds the 200mo limit. You should be able to do it.

      *We use the 3.4 version of Moodle


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