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Document various deprecation processes


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      Right now we only have these dev docs talking about the deprecation process:

      This issue is about to complete missing information about other deprecations that have some differences with the general deprecation process. Mainly:

      • classes deprecation (see MDLSITE-6729).
      • events deprecation (we have already deprecated some, look for MDL-18592 or MDL-63211 for example).
      • external functions deprecation (there is only a 1-line note in the current docs, pretty vague).
      • MDL-55580 : capabilities deprecation (to be decided, but there are a number of cases awaiting for it, see MDL-55580).
      • behat steps deprecation (it already exists, but, needed for plugins, see MDL-73669).
      • adhoc tasks
      • scheduled tasks
      • JavaScript (MDLSITE-6080)
      • CSS (MDL-78334)
      • constants (i.e. not class constants)
      • icons (MDL-82212)
      • <<any other thing that we consider is not covered by any of the above, feel free>>


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