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Allow user to create static model from the web UI



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.7
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    • Component/s: Analytics
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      As of Moodle 3.7, users with appropriate capabilities can create machine learning models from the web UI using available components (targets, indicators, etc.). However, there is no way to create "static" models from the web UI, which don't need training and are much more likely to be used by institutions (based on the data we have gathered in site registration). Functionality should include:

      • Ability to select one or more indicators
      • Ability to assign weights to each indicator
      • Ability to construct a boolean (and/or/not) rule to combine these weighted indicators (similar to the "Restrict actions" interface)
      • Ability to select an analysis interval to control how often to calculate the results
      • Ability to define the message that will be sent if the model evaluates to true
      • Ability to select appropriate actions to include with the insight notification

      It is possible that existing functionality could be repurposed to support this feature, e.g. event monitoring rules* or the dynamic rules developed for Workplace**. However, the existing features of learning analytics models should also be supported, namely:

      • Actions are provided with the notification
      • Reporting on insights sent and actions taken is possible
      • Model configurations can be exported and imported

      (*Event monitoring rules only detect the presence of an event in a time span of up to 60 minutes, not the absence of an event over a period of days, e.g. a student who has not posted in any forum in a course for the past week.)

      (**Dynamic rules include absence of events, e.g. a user has not completed a course or has not logged in over a particular span of time, but do not seem to include flexible boolean options.)


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