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Prepare Moodle for PHP 7.4



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      (image taken on close, the jobs running those tests have been already removed)

      Accumulative branches (with all the pending stuff still not upstream) are:

      An, hopefully, small epic to turn Moodle ready for PHP 7.4 (end of 2019).

      When: Being cristal clear (aka transparent), the ideal target release for this is Moodle 3.8.0 (aka, supported since the very beginning of the branch), but be warned that full support may arrive later in any Moodle 3.8.x minor release in the branch, depending of a number of factors (extensions availability and bugs, 3rd part libraries, last minute surprises...).

      Some initial links:

      Some basic requirements for this:

      • get unit and acceptance tests passing against all databases.
      • check all the changes details have been reviewed and fixed (attached file).
      • ensure older versions of Moodle don't work with PHP 7.4 (MDL-66262)
      • get travis working with the new php version (MDL-66263)
      • get moodle-php-apache docker images working with the new php version
      • Update docs (and others, see testing instructions) once this is ready.
      • ...

      All the issues belonging to this epic should be pulled into both MOODLE_38_STABLE and master (unless they are bug fixes requiring patching older, still supported, branches)


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