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Activities are triggering too many events




      As reported by Rebecca Trynes on MDL-56223, it seems assignment module is logging a lot of events even from inactive assigments:

      Since we upgraded from 3.1.5, a number of courses now have a daily log update:

      • User full name: 'admin user',
      • event context: 'Course: bla',
      • Component: 'System',
      • Even name: 'Calendar event updated',
      • Description: 'The user with id 'bla' updated the event 'bla' with id 'bla',
      • Origin: cli.


      This is happening on anything with either a due date, or an activity completion with 'expect completion on' date set, even though the due dates have long since passed (some from 2015!).

      The Calendar Events in the calendar also don't have a duration set. They're all 'Without duration'. Not sure if this has anything to do with the events being updated every day. I might have to change one and see.


      A fix for this would really be appreciated! Especially since we are now edging past 90% disc space usage on our backup drive!

      I did a bit of investigation and it smells in assign_refresh_events(), that's a callback function so moodle can call each module to refresh it's respective events to show in My overview block.

      But aparently it gets ALL assignments from a given course id no matter if it's inactive, hidden.. and pretty sure there's more.

      For reference: 
      We call activities refresh functions in course/lib.php more precisely here.

      I don't know for sure if that's expected (refresh events from ALL assignments), but for sure needs to be investigated further.

      Since other activities also implement same callback, pretty sure we will need to check each activity individually.

      The problems is more evident on the assignment module, because of course is one of the most used activities, but this seems to be a general problem.


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