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Reflect the fact that block_myoverview is now configurable in the Dashboard user tour


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      With the integration of MDL-64901, MDL-66016 and MDL-66017, the admin is now able to configure the layouts and filters in block_myoverview.

      There is a user tour on the Dashboard which introduces the elements of block_myoverview. In this tour, there are hardcoded sentences like

      You can choose to show courses currently in progress, or in the past or the future, or courses which you have starred.


      You can also choose to display the courses in a list, or with summary information, or the default 'card' view.

      If an admin has disabled some filters or layouts, this user tour will give wrong information in this regard.

      It might be good to change this tour to be as general as possible or to react onto local configurations of block_myoverview as not all admins will be aware that they have to change the tour content after they have changed the block configuration.

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