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Create behat tests for groups filter


    • Internationals - 3.8 Alpha, Internationals - 3.9 Sprint 1, International 3.9 - Sprint 3, International 3.9 - Sprint 4

      The forum summary report groups filter requires behat tests.

      Some cases that need to be handled include:

      1. Forums in courses containing no groups.
      2. All groups selected by default.
      3. All groups can be selected/cleared together, and selecting all will set "Groups (all)" on the filter button.
      4. Selecting some groups only.
      5. Selecting a mixture of some groups and "No groups" (users not in any groups).
      6. Selecting "No groups only".
      7. Submitting with no groups checkboxes ticked.
      8. Selecting a group which contains no users.

      Where relevant, tests need to have some intersecting users among groups (eg selecting Group A and Group B, where Teacher 1 is in both groups), to ensure that belonging to 2 selected groups does not cause the data to be duplicated (ie show 4 replies when there were only 2). This will be important when additional changes are made, to ensure no regressions affect the report's data integrity.

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