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Fix problems reported in apache logs before 3.8 release



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      This is about to inspect apache logs for complete behat runs and fix as many notices / problems are shown there. Aggregating information from all supported themes.

      Note that we still have the 3.6 issue (MDL-64177) open, so some of the problems may belong there. The 3.7 sister issue (MDL-65359) has been recently close.

      Used this regexp against goutte and chrome webserver logs, for reference:

      ag -v 'POST|GET|OPTIONS|\] (checking plan|(saving|calculating|loading|setting) controller|(applying|loading|instantiating) (backup|restore|plan)|(activity|section) skipped|setting file inclusion|processing file aliases|Unknown setting: (questionbank|overwrite_conf|course_shortname|course_fullname|course_startdate))|Failed Login: ' aggregated.txt > results.txt

      (where aggregated.txt is the union of goutte and chrome web server logs)

      You can see the actual results @ results.txt


      Problem A: Cannot find session record (maybe it's ok). It happens 1 times.

      49296:[Tue Oct 08 07:09:50.150609 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 2653] [client] Cannot find session record e17248867b31b58a4b39d4c91c7a7b00 for user 111000, creating new session., referer: http://run2914d83c5cd0f778/behatrun2/user/profile.php?id=111000

      Problem B: Missing pageid paramente. It happens 4 times.

      69501:[Tue Oct 08 08:08:48.753973 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 19619] [client] Default exception handler: A required parameter (pageid) was missing Debug:
      Error code: missingparam

      Problem C: Course or activity not accessible (maybe it's ok). It happens 2 times

      71254:[Tue Oct 08 08:12:52.176878 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 2442] [client] Default exception handler: Course or activity not accessible. Debug: You are not logged in
      Error code: requireloginerror

      Problem D: User already has a grade (recyclebin restore, maybe it's ok). It happens 1 times.

      85561:[Tue Oct 08 08:48:20.760895 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 20367] [client] User id '111001' already has a grade entry for grade item id '251000', referer: http://run2914d83c5cd0f778/behatrun2/admin/tool/recyclebin/index.php?contextid=104002

      That's all. Surely the only real problem is "Problem B"... for your consideration.



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