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LTI Adv: Content Item flow to support autocreate


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      The deep linking flow (aka Content Item Message) allows for the instructor to open the tool to pick or create the content to be added to course.

      This current flow is:

      1. Add external tool - the external tool add page is displayed
      2. Select the tool - then Select Content - the tool is now displayed in modal (limited screen space)
      3. In the tool makes the selection (you can only return a single selection)
      4. Back on the external add page now populated with the information
      5. Save and return to course

      The improvement proposal for this ticket is to hide the plumbing page to the end user (the one containing the link definition to be added) by directly processing the result from the tool and automatically adding the link to the course.

      Autocreate: Skip the external tool add page when the tool has been elected to show in the Activity Chooser, flow is:

      1. Pick tool from Activity Chooser
      2. The tool add/pick page is displayed in an IFrame like regular LTI launches
      3. Once a selected item is returned, the item is directly added to the course and the course content is displayed

      This ticket is complemented by MDL-67473 which handles the multiple links created at one time.

      Demo of WIP (Oct 2019): https://youtu.be/7TPg4RTjpfo

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