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Fix UI/UX for report views



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      Adhoc nature of additional report views as they were needed means that userflows are inconsistent from report to report and some views are redundant and/or could potentially be combined. This could benefit from UX improvements to consolidate reports and report settings/preferences to create better userflows.


      *Comment posted on https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-66567*
      technikum-wien added a comment - 18/Sep/19 6:49 PM - edited
      one of the main problems of the gradebook is that there is just way too many useless pages on it, and the existing reports are sorted in an unlogical way:

      • "outcomes report" does not even disappear when i disable outcomes for my site, and there is no way to disable the report without uninstalling it
      • "single view" should be eliminated as well - it would be unnecessary if the actual grader report was designed better
      • "scales" and "letters" should not be top-level tabs, but belong to the tab "setup". the distinction between "view" and "edit" for "letters" makes no sense and should be dropped
      • "preferences: grader report" should not be an individual tab, but just be accessible from a settings dropdown menu within the grader report, which would be both more logical and more in line with how this is handled for other moodle pages

      In regards to overriding grades: deleting a grade in the grader report should disable the flag "overridden" - that this is only possible from a sub menu is way too convoluted





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