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Scheduled tasks "Run now" link hidden in 3.5.8, needs pathtophp setting hint (AMOS)


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      Apologies if this is being tracked in a different tracker ticket, however I searched and didn’t see any in relation to this.

      In my Moodle 3.5.8 installation, I ran into an issue with the scheduled tasks "run now" link suddenly disappearing last Friday, 18th October, where it had been previously available. Minor panic ensued.

      I had the setting for "enablerunnow" set to yes however the link didn’t and wouldn't show.

      I then went to the Moodle demo site, currently at 3.7.2, and when I checked the same config setting it had a different string description with an extra instruction that "the feature requires 'Path to PHP CLI' to be set in system paths". This was very helpful because once I set this additional setting in my 3.5.8 site, then the "run now" link appeared, which was exactly what I was looking for!

      My suggestion would be that we update the config description string for "enablerunnow" on the 3.5.8 code to include the path to PHP CLI instruction, to clarify its usage and required settings for administrators, especially as 3.5 is LTS. I'm hoping that this is an easy AMOS translation fix although the relevant string is already up-to-date in the 3.7 and 3.6 versions.

      Correct updated string is:
      $string['enablerunnow_desc'] = 'Allows administrators to run a single scheduled task immediately, rather than waiting for it to run as scheduled. The feature requires \'Path to PHP CLI\' (pathtophp) to be set in System paths. The task runs on the web server, so you may wish to disable this feature to avoid potential performance issues.';

      To reproduce:

      • Create a fresh 3.5.8 site
      • In Site security settings, confirm "tool_task enablerunnow" setting is set to true
      • Go to Scheduled Tasks page
      • Confirm "Run now" link is NOT appearing
      • In System paths settings, update the "pathtophp" setting to the relevant path, e.g. /usr/bin/php
      • Go to Scheduled Tasks page
      • Confirm "Run now" link is now correctly appearing


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