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Firefox, clean and overflows



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      This was detected when running tests @ MDL-66945.

      In Andrew Nicols wise words:

      Okay, so those failures were pre-existing. We just don't run firefox tests on clean and have not done for many years so we haven't noticed them.

      They happen because there is a no-overflow class on the parent div surrounding the tablesql table.

      This is there on clean only because of the issue with block regions the right causing the table to go behind the block region.

      I don't have a good fix for those but, in-so-far as this is a pre-existing issue which only affects clean with firefox on 35 and 36,....

      Note: The issues causing this fail on Firefox @ Clean stems from MDL-24895.

      I'm not sure when/how/if this will be fixed ever or no... but better have it registered.

      Here there is a screenshot of the failures:

      Here there is a link to a failed build because of this: https://ci.moodle.org/view/Testing/job/DEV.01%20-%20Developer-requested%20Behat/2548/

      And here there are some lines from output... basically every "approve requests" attempt is failing because it falls off-screen:

      001 Scenario: As admin, delete a user and their data # /var/www/html/admin/tool/dataprivacy/tests/behat/datadelete.feature:32
            And I follow "Approve request"                 # /var/www/html/admin/tool/dataprivacy/tests/behat/datadelete.feature:49
              The "(//html/.//a
              [./@href][((./@id = 'Approve request' or contains(normalize-space(string(.)), 'Approve request') or contains(./@title, 'Approve request') or contains(./@rel, 'Approve request')) or .//*[(contains(concat(' ', @class, ' '), ' icon ') or name() = 'img') and (contains(./@alt, 'Approve request') or contains(./@title, 'Approve request'))])] | //html/.//*
              [translate(./@role, 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ', 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz') = 'link'][((./@id = 'Approve request' or contains(./@value, 'Approve request')) or contains(./@title, 'Approve request') or contains(normalize-space(string(.)), 'Approve request'))])[1]" xpath node is not visible and it should be visible


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