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Suspended user accounts should not have active enrollments in course


      1. Create a course English
      2. Enroll a student into the course (John A)
      3. Go to user management (site administration) and suspend account John A
      4. Go to participants in course English and see that John A is set as active in the course

      You can debate about weather this is correct, John A has an 'active' enrollment in the course. But look at it from the teacher's perspective: students that have left the faculty are still visible as active members in his/her course English.

      Several solutions are possible:

      1. When user account is set to suspended, set enrolment status to inactive for all the courses
      2. Unenroll suspended users from all courses
      3. Add a tick box to the 'course participants' page that filters out suspended accounts
      4. ???

      The goal is quite simpel: make sure teachers don't see students that have left the faculty in the course participants page.


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