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Review Mode in scorm causing issue in score update



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      I found an issue in a Moodle 3.6.3 when a scorm course is loaded  that issue is for not saving the score is causing at particular instance that is when the user take assessments and leave between or perhaps re-attempt the course and completes and the status is failed, when the user re-attempt again Moodle is interpreting that as a review mode when the course is launched  and user is not aware of it and they continue to answer rest of the question and completes it since the launch mode is in review mode Moodle doesn't recognise the new score and doesn't update the score in modle, hence the issue is caused.

      The requirement is we allow users to have multiple attempts until they pass. so in my opinion irrespective of scorm status whether it is passed, failed or complete it should never go to review mode automatically, it should be always a normal mode.

      Suggestion: please make the review mode option as an explicit option. 

      I fixed in the core scorm/lib.php in the function

       function scorm_check_mode($scorm, &$newattempt, &$attempt, $userid, &$mode)

      changed the line at 1524 $mode = 'review' to $mode = 'normal'.

      The above change in the $mode value fixed the issue with score updating which caused after the first attempt. 





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