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Ability to star activities within the activity chooser



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      Add the ability to star any activity in the activity chooser.

      User stories:

      Story Approach
      As a teacher, I should be able to star an element (applies to any elements in the modal) When I click on the star, the star turns blue but does not disappear from the list. The element then appears on the starred page
      As a teacher, I should be able to see only my starred elements  
      As a teacher I should be able to unstar an element and it disappears from my list of starred activities.  

      Acceptance criteria

      • Each individual can star any activity listed in the activity chooser.
      • Any item starred is displayed in the starred / favourites tab.
      • Starred items remain in the current tab, as well as being added to the starred tab.
      • Starring should be live. Clicking the star tab should show just starred activities.
      • Activities in the favourite tab can be removed by clicking on the star. This can be done from the starred tab or any other location that the activity is shown.
      • When the activity chooser is opened, if there are starred items, then that tab is selected. If there are no starred items, then the default is the recommended tab. If there are no recommendations, then the activity tab is selected.
      • Behat tests must cover this functionality.


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