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Conditional availability restriction based on the result of a specific question in a quiz attempt



      Provide an additional access restriction based on the result of a specific question within a test

      The new functionality increases the possibility to provide personalized learning content for students. Until now, restrictions can only be applied based on the overall result of a quiz (via quiz completion). The proposed additional restriction rule would be a door opener for the personalization of the learning experience in Moodle, as:

      • ... start a course with an introductory quiz. After submitting the result, a personalized course could be provided to students
      • ... after taking a formative assessment a set of additional learning content is provided to students. This helps them to improve their learning
      • ... students are asked about their interest with true/false questions. Based on that they only see sections, in which they are interested in. 
      • ... students have to do a formative assessment. Based on the results of a specific set/question, they are gathered in different assignments.


      User story:

      Lecturer Luca wants to provide a forum only to students who fail in a specific question. 

      1. He produces the quiz 'Luca's questions' with the question 'XY' within.
      2. He creates the forum in the activity chooser
      3. In the settings page, he scrolls down to the section 'restrict access'
      4. He chooses 'add restriction'
      5. From the chooser, he selects 'question'
      6. he gets an overview of all quizzes in the course, he selects 'Luca's questions'
      7. He gets an overview of all questions within the quiz, he selects the question 'XY'

      The student Thomas is provided with the forum only if he finishes the quiz 'Luca's questions' and fails in the question 'XY'.


      PS. It would be very nice to have questions used in https://moodle.org/plugins/filter_embedquestion available in the selection too.

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