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Create a new calculated description question type



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      For Calculated MultiChoice questions, where one wants to “share” questions across a set of questions, it would be helpful if the set of questions could begin with a “Description” type question, which contains and explains the variables, and then follow this Description question with the set of Calculated MultiChoice questions.

      Yes, if you are only using one variable, there is not a problem repeating this variable in each question, as currently implemented. However, if you are trying to use a dataset of values (such as 20 or more values), it becomes a bit awkward to repeat the dataset in every question.  It is much better to start the question set with these values presented first, then to follow the dataset with the actual questions. The Description type question is the most logical way to do this.

      As an example, right now in my Statistics course, I want to present a dataset and then follow with many “descriptive statistics” questions (such as mean, mode, standard deviation, etc.) Currently, I do this by creating one question that shows the dataset, and includes one question. However, this question must always be first, and cannot be shuffled like the other descriptive statistics questions.

      At GlobalMoot 2019, I gave a presentation about Moodle’s Calculated Multiple Choice question type. At the end, I did mention this need for variables to be allowed in a Description type question. Tim Hunt, who was present, suggested creating this feature request.

      I will attach some photos where I attempt to mockup this requested feature.




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