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Grading UX is completely unituative, cumbersome and, well, generally terrible



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      As a teacher or marker, I want to be able to assess people submitting work to my course in the most efficient manner possible. The gradebook as I see it completely fails to deliver on this.

      For example, take the workflow where a marker wishes to assess an assignment. Assuming notifications are switched on, the marker will receive an email saying work has been submitted and a link to indicate that it is "available on the web site". There is no indication as to what the content is here, which I guess is another issue entirely. Anyhow, the marker clicks on the link and is taken to the assignment question in general - nothing to do with the user at all!

      You now have two options:

      • View Submission
      • Grade

      Neither of these take you to the actual submission of the student!

      "Viewing Submissions" seems to take you to an unordered list of user’s submissions, and "Grade" takes you to a seemingly other random user’s submission, and not necessarily the person you are trying to grade.

      Further, the entire way the submissions are laid out with regards to feedback and/or comments and grades is very, very messy (such as having to navigate backward and forward in attempts to see what grade was given when and how things have progressed, or hiding submissions behind the “+” sign). This could be sooooo much simpler, for example, a simple expanding table containing the full submission/feedback in different cells for different attempts with the grade given for each attempt.

      For the record, we are trying to implement a blind marking assessment method for submissions or work, marked by very experienced software developers and IT engineers (not teachers), but even after 30 mins+ of faffing around they could not make head nor tail of this process and how they could mark submissions simply.

      I posted two threads in the Moodle community that were around this subject (and some other issues) although these seemingly are unable to be tackled there.


      I did note an open issue on here that dates to 2014(!!!! - https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-25544) and v2 for gradebook enhancements. Honestly, if issues have moved on, perhaps they should either be retargeted or closed, but this one seems like a fundamental building block of the entire Moodle system, so needs to be addressed in a big way. It would seem to me that this entire process was implemented by developers building the UX from the raw data, not a UX designer working backwords from an optimal UX and toward an implementation that works for the UX.




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