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Improve usability on notifications preferences


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      In the Apps team we're talking about rethinking the notifications settings page.

      For some of us is pretty difficult to configure and take too much time. For this reason I thought about rethinking the whole notifications system regarding settings.

      1. The user should be able to easily disable all notifications per plug-in. I.e. Disable all e-mail notifications. All mobile push, etc. Disabling will grey out all the column.
        PROS: Easily disconnect all notifications on e-mail.
      2. Each "notification type" i.e "Assignment notifications" should have a "greater setting" that enables/disables all notifications of this type but also implies that enabling it will enable the current "Web" Notification plug-ins. Of course we should remove that "Web" notification plug-in from the list. Disabling it will grey out all the row.
        PROS: Having a greater hierarchy on notifications per type will make the notifications drawer on web and mobile a "notifications center" with all the history of notifications received. Also, many people misses the push notification and they cannot see it again because web is disabled. (The notification drawer is EXACTLY the same on mobile than on web)
      3. I would simplify Online/Offline setting to "On"/"Only when offline"/"Off" or even only "On/Off" without Online/Offline distinction. it would imply losing some freedom but IMO it would be more helpful.
        PROS: Less switches to configure. The LMS uses 5 minutes time check to know if someone is online or offline. If the user goes away (without closing session) and a notification is send on the next 5 minutes it cannot be received if only offline is selected.
      4. Extra: Change ON/OFF by modern switches.
      5. Extra 2: Adds info, per notification when this is delivered (ie. Notification 1: Delivered by mail and mobile).
      6. Additionally, literal of the "mobile" notification plug-in should change to Push notification on mobile. Something that implies that it's a push notification.

      A quick mock-up:

      Also we can show the settings like they do on Facebook:


      I think this will imply a huge improvement because some people are complaining about lost notifications (not received, or even not shown anywhere). Changing the meaning for the notification drawer to have all the history of the notifications sent will be a great improvement.


      Cross link to the forum discussion with a different explanation here: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=394647

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