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Session Timeout alert - Improving the user experience


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      In Moodle 3.8 a new feature was introduced - "Session Timeout alert". Please see MDL-34498 for more information and repro steps that are relevant also for the current issue.

      The idea of alerting the user about a session timeout going to happen and giving the ability to extend the session, is great.

      However, at its current state, in my opinion the feature may frustrate the user. If a user comes back to his computer after some time, he sees the following message at the Moodle tab/window:


      If too much time passed since the message appeared, even if the user would click "Extend session", another message would appear:


      Although I understand why this happens technically, from the user experience perspective, this is problematic.  Personally, as a user I would prefer to not be given the hope that I can keep my session open. No hope is better than a false hope

      Is it possible that after the relevant period of time for having the option to keep the session open (before timeout), the first message ("No recent activity) would disappear and the second message ("Session expired") would appear automatically?


      In any case, thanks for implementing the "Session timeout alert" feature.

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