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Acceptance testing admin page does not allow to search for multiple words phrase


      Steps to reproduce

      • Log in as admin
      • Go to Site administration > Development > Acceptance testing
      • Set the "Contains" field to "I should see"

      Expected behaviour: All Behat steps that contain the "I should see" as a substring should be listed

      Actual behaviour: "There aren't any step definitions matching this filter" is shown


      The admin/tool/behat/index.php uses PARAM_ALPHANUMEXT as a type for this field, effectively disallowing anything but single simple words to be searched for, which significantly decreases the usefulness of this page. The official documentation http://behat.org/en/latest/user_guide/command_line_tool/informative_output.html does not explicitly mention it, but it seems to support multiple words phrase quite well:

      $ vendor/bin/behat --config=/path/to/behat.yml -d 'I should see'

      From what I can see, it does not perform an exact match - it returns also 'I should not see' steps. But I am finding that actually useful behaviour.

      Other notes

      While looking at this page, I can see some further space for improvements:

      • The results displayed in 50% narrow column for no good reason
      • The "Info" section occupying a lot of valuable screen space with a static information not relevant for returning experienced developers
      • Overall styling improvements would be nice.

            mudrd8mz David Mudrák (@mudrd8mz)
            mudrd8mz David Mudrák (@mudrd8mz)
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