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Add create folder option to content bank

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      As an instructional designer
      I want to have the option to create folders into content bank
      So that I can order content

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Be able to create folders in the content bank that other users can see.
      • Be able to upload H5P content into a folder.

      List of tasks:

      • Implement the way folders are created and stored in the content bank
      • Implement the way to create folders into existing folders.
      • Create generic capabilities for the Content Bank
      • Adapt content bank view page to show folders
      • Add new PHP Unit tests
      • Add behat tests or create a new issue to add them


      Prototype link

      Please note that in the prototype, only the flow for moving content bank files is simulated. However, the process for moving content bank folders will be the same as moving files.

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