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Add support to "Save content state" in mod_h5pactivity



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    • 3.9, 3.11.9, 4.1
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    • Maintenance&Planning Sprint 2


      Add an option to save the current H5P content state (to recover it later) for the H5P activities.


      This implementation requires:

      • Add support to xAPI State in core_xapi,  in order to save the content state.
      • Implement/override the required classes/functions to use xAPI state get/post/delete inside mod_h5p.
      • Add support for state saving and restoration from the H5P player.
      • Behat tests for saving and restoring states inside an H5P activity

      Things to consider:

      • Backup/restore
      • Reset the state when the H5P activity content is changed
      • Implement methods from the framework related to the save content feature. That is:
        • resetContentUserData (called from saveContent)
        • deleteContentData (called from deletePackage)
      • Setting to let admins define the frequency to save the user content (saveFreq). The saveFreq H5P setting is also used to trigger the methods required to save the content state.
      • A mechanism to clean old entries in the xapi_states table (based on an admin setting to let them define how long should these entries be stored).


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