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Login conflict forgets user's session history / wantsurl



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      As a user who is not logged in, I want to be able to open multiple tabs while browsing and I want Moodle to remember my page locations in all tabs and maintain this for the duration of my session.

      As a user who logs in after browsing and opens pages in multiple tabs I want Moodle to remember my page locations in all tabs and maintain this for the duration of my session.

      As a logged in user, I want to be able to leave my session and come back to it and when prompted to login again be able to continue my session without losing my page locations in all tabs.


      User logs in after browsing & opening multiple tabs

      • All tabs will redirect to login page and ask for username/password.
      • Once user has logged in from any one tab, the other tabs will still show the login page so user is forced to refresh OR try to hit login button.
      • When they do either, since the system recognises you are already logged in it will reload the page with a confirmation prompt:
        alerting you to the fact that you're already logged in as [NAME] and whether you want to log in as a dfferent user and provides only two button options:  Logout & Cancel.
      • If you select either Logout or Cancel, it will redirect to the homepage and loses your page location on all tabs.

      User is logged in, has multiple tabs open and the session expires

      • The session timeout warning dialog box will appear: 'Your session has expired please login again.'
      • There is no link to login page or a login button or a continue session option
      • It doesn't update the not logged in/login option at top right - so it still shows your username as if you're logged in
      • To log back in, you have to refresh the page, which will prompt you for a login, then when you login it will take you back to the page you were on
      • This only works for the first tab, all other tabs will not remember the page location.

      When you're either already logged in or login in after browsing,

      If presented with the login page:

      • User can login from any tab
      • All tabs will then know that the user has logged in
      • All open tabs will remember page location (previous to login)

      If presented with confirmation prompt:

      • It should provide a 'Continue as current user' button instead of 'Cancel' button to allow the user to continue where they left off (applies to all tabs)
      • Once they hit the Continue button, it should redirect the user to the page they were on or the homepage if there isn't a session history yet.


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