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MUA Proposal: Default Settings for Completion Criteria for Activities and Resources




      Default Settings for Completion Criteria for Activities and Resources

      Add a setting page at the system level to manage all the default completion criteria for each activity and resource

      At the system level we have the activation of completion tracking.
      Just like competencies, the activation should add a specific settings page for general completion criteria.

      This page will be able to use the content of the "Default activity completion" tab accessible from the course.

      This is because it can be set at the course level, but not at the site level.



      Project size: medium
      Audience: primary schools, universities, work places
      Target users: teachers, administrators


      User Stories

      Today, as an admin I can:

      enable system level completion tracking from Enable completion tracking
      choose the default completion tracking
      by using the default activity setting
      by not displaying the completion status

      Tomorrow, as admin, I'd like to:

      enable system-level completion tracking from Enable completion tracking
      choose the default setting for each activity/resource independently of each other

      Today, as an admin, at site level, I don't have any presets available for completion criteria.
      Everything is at the course level.

      Tomorrow, as an admin, I would like to have the possibility to manage the default completion criteria for the whole site for each activity/resource.

      As a teacher, I should only be able to change the criteria I wish to change.

      For example, when the settings are at site level on "default activity setting", the label has a manual default criterion
      The teacher must change this criterion each time a label is added or think about doing it in a bulk action in each course.

      If the admin can set at system level that for the label, by default no expected completion, the teacher will not have to do anything else.



      • Before completion tracking enable


      • Completion tracking activation


      • After completion tracking enable


      • Course completion criteria panel


      • In the course :


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