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Forum posts are counted twice in Statistics


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      Viewing stats for a user (Home > Courses > [course] > Reports > Statistics) shows double the number of forum posts as they have actually made, as shown in:

      • the student outline report (Home > Courses > [course] > Participants > teststudent1 test > Reports > Outline report), and
      • the course logs (Home > Courses > [course] > Reports > Logs)

      This seems to be because posts are logged as two events:

      1. "Some content has been posted.
      2. "{Discussion,Post} created"

      The statistics pages present the two events as if they were separate posts.


      I guess a fix for this would be in lib/statslib.php, filtering out one of those two event types when compiling the stats to the stats_user_{daily,weekly,monthly} tables.


      Attached screenshots illustrate stats page with 2x posts compared to logs and student outline.

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          Dave Balch
        2. outline.png
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          Dave Balch
        3. stats.png
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          Dave Balch

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