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moodle has some problem working with reverse proxy (squid)


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      (original) moodle standard and other theme is not working fine in reverse proxy.... tables are not being showned properly, alignment and redirection to http://localhost/my is not working also....

      (Wen added/modified) OK if I may I'm reopening this ticket. We had the same issue before, but we found a work-around to make it work. At around line# 293 in /lib/weblib.php, in the function of "qualified_me()", when behind squid, we had to force the $protocol to use https for our setup to work. I guess maybe this (the $protocol) could be set from the site administration level instead of we have to hard-coded this when it's behind squid. I will also be curious about Martin L's solution about making the stock moodle codes to work with squid, do you have to make any changes like we did? (see screenshots). Thanks!

      Note: This could be a squid set up issue, and if this is the case it would be really great if someone could document their squid setup/configuration in docs.moodle.org. Thanks!

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