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Remove the activity chooser course preference



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      In Moodle 3.9 as a part of MDL-67255 we stopped distinguishing between Activities and Resources when editing the course contents (decision made based on users feedback) via the new version of the activity chooser.

      At the moment, users still can disable the activity chooser via so called "Course preferences". In which case, two simple dropdowns "Add an activity ..." and "Add a resource ..." are used.

      There was an attempt in the past to get rid of this old interface - MDL-53399. This issue eventually evolved into having this new preference, regardless the number of votes there to simply remove it.

      I think it is time to finally remove the original Moodle 1.x era widget and gently force everybody to use the new activity chooser only.

      • The preference is shown to everybody including students. That makes it only confusing because they cannot actually edit the course.
      • Accessibility was mentioned in MDL-53399 as a particular reason for having the old interface available. But we must aim at having our core widgets accessible. Ability to switch non-accessible features off via obscure user preference setting is not a good solution.
      • There are some essential new features (such as favouring or H5P and MoodleNet integration) not supported by the old interface at all.

      Let's drop support for the ancient activity chooser dropdowns completely. And now, really.


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