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Display session timeout details in popup



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      The new session extend and timeout popups do not display (or cannot be configured to display) the configured session length and the remaining time before the session extend popup changes to the session expired popup.

      It would be useful to show users, for example: (based on a 2 hour sessiontimeout value)


      No Recent Activity


      No activity has been detected for [1] hour [50] minutes. Your session will expire in [10] minutes.

      <<Javascript countdown timer>>

      More information...

      • Click "Extend" to extend your session for a further [2] hours
      • When the countdown expires your session will be expired. Please do not reload the page and ensure you copy any important information



      Users that receive the popup often have no idea how long they have to click "Extend". A user may accept a telephone call or pop to the toilet and lock their computer, and if the timeout before "Extend" becomes "expired" is, say, 10 seconds then the session will likely unnecessarily expire, however if the timeout was 5 or 10 minutes (configurable would be preferred) and displayed to the user on the "session extend" window they will be able to prepare/respond better and have an improveds user experience.

      It would be useful to be able to configure the session timeout AND the session extend notice time and be able to calculate the display time.


      • "sessiontimeout" 2 hours, 4 hours etc.
      • "sessionextendnotice" 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc.

      The "Session Extend" popup could display "No activity detected for [3] hours and [55] minutes. Your session will expire in [5] minutes." - based on a 4 hours sessiontimeout with a 5 minute "sessionextendnotice".


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