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Badge edit submissions, while in Edit details tab, failing on issuername being null


    • Moppies Kanban

      There appears to be an issue with editing and resaving badge details on the QA site and on my test 3.9 site, after testing duplicating badges for MDLQA-14537.

      New badges are being created fine with no issues at all, both original and copies.

      However, with both original and copies of badges, if you try to edit their details and save again, while in the Edit details tab, the following error shows up, which I believe is a regression and related to the 3.9 changes made in MDL-68746, which was hiding the Issuer details for openbadges v2 in the badge edit form.


      Debug info: Column 'issuername' cannot be null
       UPDATE mdl_badge SET name = ?,description = ?,timecreated = ?,timemodified = ?,usercreated = ?,usermodified = ?,issuername = ?,issuerurl = ?,issuercontact = ?,expiredate = ?,expireperiod = ?,type = ?,courseid = ?,message = ?,messagesubject = ?,attachment = ?,notification = ?,status = ?,nextcron = ?,version = ?,language = ?,imageauthorname = ?,imageauthoremail = ?,imageauthorurl = ?,imagecaption = ? WHERE id=?
       [array (
       0 => 'Original',
       1 => 'Original',
       2 => '1591183695',
       3 => 1591184789,
       4 => '3',
       5 => '3',
       6 => NULL,
       7 => NULL,
       8 => NULL,


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new badge fully, either as admin or teacher
      2. Edit the badge
      3. Go to the Edit details tab in the badge edit page
      4. Click on Save changes
      5. You should see the following error:

      Error writing to database
       More information about this error
       Debug info: Column 'issuername' cannot be null

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