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Add a check browser functionnality, to ensure end user uses compatible software


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      Please add a browser check functionnality, to ensure end user uses compatible software.

      If the browser (and OS) used is NOT compatible with the site :

      • it would display a message to the user to let him know what's used is NOT compatible
      • it could make recommandations of other software to use with same OS
      • it could make recommandation to upgrade OS is it's really too old (and no compatible browser exists)
      • it could (perhaps) indicate what will NOT work
      • it could block access

      The aim is to ensure user will have a good experience with Moodle. That could not be the case if software used is not appropriate.

      A plugin doing this sort of thing existed (but old and never updated) : https://moodle.org/plugins/local_compatability_test

      The whole system, and different checks should be (de)activable by admin.

      This could be integrated with a simple compatibility check, and extended later to add more checks, recommandations...

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