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Explore remote setup of external tool provider in Moodle



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      Explore remote setup of external tool provider in Moodle


      A discovery epic where the goal is to see what's possible via exploration.

      We’d like to confirm:

      • Which plugins in core support remote set up by a teacher (i.e. settings can be changed) when served via LTI. Assignment supports this but we need to confirm others.
      • LTI 1.3 provider support - estimate this.
      • How can a Moodle site set up an activity on the fly which is an LTI provider? What’s required?
        • Need to create an instance of the plugin in a course.
          • This requires some information we don’t have.
          • Can we ask plugins for the list of fields they require?
          • Using create_instance($stdClass)
          • Sensible defaults?
        • What do we need for this to be served via LTI?
          • Need an enrolment method for each specific activity
            • How much of the enrolment information in the enrolment method do we need to be able to set? E.g. start and end dates, etc
            • Do we need to consider roles or is teacher/student enough?
            • Defaults for grade sync, etc 
          • Can I control access to the remote activity via the client alone?
          • How are we going to return the information like secret, etc which allows access to the tool (Assuming LTI1.1)?
            • What information does the client need?
      • Does the client need to automatically create the LTI instance which is configured to connect to the remote?
        • Can the user create this?
        • Extension to LTI?
        • Another tool?
      • How does the teacher on the client site configure the remote tool. I.e. How do they access the settings page of the remote tool to set up grades, etc.
        • Right now, the teacher can access the entire remote site, but this is really ugly.
        • Does LTI provide any means to return this config URL somehow?
      • Can we lock down the provider site for teachers? Right now, it seems they get the entire remote site in an iframe.
        • What would be the ideal situation?
        • Can we use another role instead of teacher to block other changes to the remote site?




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