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Learn about client configuration challenges by creating a simple activity creation proof of concept in LTI 1.1



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      The goal here is to learn what might be required on the client (consumer) side in order to trigger the provisioning and consumption of a remotely provided activity. This issue focuses on the client/consumer side of the consumer/provider relationship, whereas MDL-69324 deals with the server/provider side.

      At the end of this task, we should be able to crudely create and consume a remote activity via a consumer-designated site. We want to document all limitations, assumptions, etc that we face along the way. This will be critical in identifying viability of LTI for such a task.

      We can learn about this by first exploring the workflow a teacher must currently use to consume a remotely provided activity, identifying problem areas and areas we might be able to improve. How does this process change when the teacher also wants to create the remote tool as part of the process?

      These are just some things we'd like to explore in a little depth and to gain answers to:

      1. Does the client need to actively create the External tool instance? Can this be programmatically created? Currently, this is always how a client/consumer sets up their tool. If we're asking the remote site to create an activity by type (e.g. 'Create a student quiz instance for me to use'), then asking the teacher to set up an external tool might be a step we don't want/need.
      2. How will the teacher configure the activity once it has been created on the provider site? Also see MDL-69322 which investigates settings cog access of activities provided via an LTI provider - that task does not need to be researched here.
      3. Does LTI provide any means to return something like a 'configuration link/url', which might allow us to get access to the settings page like this?
      4. What do the above questions mean in terms of a workflow to set up a remote activity like this? What work would be required to streamline the process and how would it help the end user experience?




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