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Backup reports - "Ad-hoc task to save pending course"



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    • 3.9.1, 3.11.6
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      Hi there,

      We seem to be encountering an issue since upgrading to Moodle 3.9.1 in that the backup report emails have stopped reporting backed up courses as "OK" and all of them seem to be classed as pending. E.G:


      Courses: 247
      OK: 0
      Skipped: 194
      Error: 0
      Unfinished: 0
      Course backup ad hoc task pending: 53
      Warning: 0
      Automated backup pending: 0

      Backup completed successfully

      Whereas 3.8 would report:

      Courses: 246
      OK: 38
      Skipped: 208
      Error: 0
      Unfinished: 0
      Warning: 0
      Automated backup pending: 0

      Backup completed successfully


      I can see that the Course backup ad hoc category is new so this perhaps may be to do with a change to the way the backups run. The actual back-ups themselves when checked in the morning do report "OK" in the backup reports area so it seems to be an issue particular to the email reports. It is confusing and a bit misleading for this to report as none of the back-ups being "OK" however when it seems they will be once they are complete and no longer pending. 

      Perhaps it's an issue to do with when the emails are being sent out, could they be sent out later in the back-up process if that's the issue?

      Similar forum post: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=407376#p1644287

      Let me know if you need any more details regarding this.


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