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Content bank: Rearrange the context menu and make it consistent with other activities



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      Hi there,

      in my tests for Moodle 3.9 with H5P integrated into core, I stumbled over the following issue dealing with consistency within the content bank.

      Currently, the context menu (cog icon) in the content bank is placed in the course header

      whilst the context menu for activities (assignment as an example) is placed in the course content directly next to the activity:

      For the reasons of consistency and comprehensibility this context menu should be moved to the course content region (a mockup):

      Just as a side information:
      Another reason, we also stumbled over this issue is because we have a Boost child theme which displays the course context menu on all course subpages and the content bank context menu was not accessible as the course context menu replaced the content bank context menu.

      Aspects to be discussed further:

      • Add the edit option to the context menu behind the cog icon and eventually drop the separate edit button.
      • What should be done with the close button?

      Best, Kathrin


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