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Accidentally dragging a link within Moodle on a course page with editing mode results in a modal window



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    • 3.9.2
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      Steps to reproduce:

      • Login as admin
      • Enable the experimental setting $CFG->dndallowtextandlinks
      • Login as teacher
      • Go to a course
      • Enable editing mode
      • Add an arbitrary activity to the course
      • Go to the course main page again
      • Open the Edit menu of the created activity
      • Put the mouse button down on the "Edit settings" menu item, move the mouse pointer at least 1 pixel, release the mouse button - just like you would click the icon and would move the mouse minimally during the blick by accident

      Expected behaviour:

      • Although the menu item was, technically, dragged and not clicked, the edit page is shown

      Actual behaviour:

      • As the menu item was technically dragged and as there is the feature to drag links to the course page, a modal window asking "What do you want to call this link?" will appear
      • The user, most probably not knowing this DnD feature, is confused.

      Possible solutions:

      • Trigger the DnD feature only after the mouse pointer has been dragged for more than a reasonable threshold (say 30 pixels)
      • Trigger the DnD feature only if the source of the drag operation came from outside the Moodle browser tab, i.e. from a different tab or another application or the operating system environment




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