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Support the concept of 'eternal' courses (which do not trigger insights etc.)



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      Sometimes you have the need of having a Moodle course which is just structural/informal and not really a 'course'. Examples:

      • A collection of material for your faculty to share (that could also be a shared question bank or a content bank).
      • A Moodle course which is a container for just an exam (quiz) activity. Or multiple exam (quiz) activities.
      • A Moodle course with all students enrolled for the scope of notifying them through announcements.

      These courses should be treated in a special way: typically you don't set an end date. This means you don't require enrolled users to regularly access.

      Those courses shouldn't trigger insights (learning analytics) notifications. The models 'Students at risk of dropping out', 'Upcoming activities due' and 'No teaching' do not send out actions therein.

      Additionally, there could be more use cases to be added to a hypothetical 'eternal' course field. I'm thinking automated backups, setting read-only, removing visibility and deleting (I'm familiar with https://moodle.org/plugins/tool_lifecycle for example), those eternal courses could generally be excempt from such actions.

      Another possibility could be to respect such courses differently in regards to other reporting: Actions in those courses woudn't weight in in (site?) stats or analytics.

      User stories:

      As an administrator, I want to avoid situations where my teachers come to me and complain about "Students who have not accessed the course recently" notifications in courses which are 'eternal' and therefore unrelated.

      As an administrator, I want to avoid 'eternal' courses to be automatically set read-only, set invisible, be backed up or deleted.

      As a manager, I want to have site stats excluding 'eternal' courses which means actions/materials/enrolled users in such courses do not weight in.

      As a teacher, I want not to receive "Students at risk of dropping out" messages for my 'eternal' course in which I provide general study materials not related to a specific lecture. Therefore I want to tick a "eternal" checkbox in the course settings or setting the correct option in a choice "timed course"/"eternal course".




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