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Teacher or manager cannot copy course with quizzes



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    • 3.9.2, 3.10, 4.0
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      Teacher/manager cannot finish the Copy Course process when the course includes a Quiz activity with any questions in it.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. As an admin, assing four missing roles to teacher / manager role as described in documentation in order to allow the Course Copy function for teachers:
      2. Login as teacher/manager and find a course you are assigned one of these roles. Make sure that the given course has (or had, in past) a quiz activity with at least one question added.
      3. Try to use the Copy Course function in course settings menu.
      4. Give the copied course a name and category, proceed.
      5. Copying progress turns red with 100% on it. Course copy is not created.

      After long research, I discovered that the error that blocks course copying is "Course copy: Bad backup controller status, is: 600 should be 700, marking job as failed.". It happens during the restore action, and could be possibly linked with no fallback question bank categories to apply quiz questions to (restore_dbops.class.php).

      Error does not happen when the teacher or manager in a course has also capabilites to manage a category where copy happens.




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