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H5P contentbank: Do not add content types to the content bank when libraries are missing



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    • 3.9.2, 3.10, 3.11
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      Hi there,

      while testing the integrated HP5 feature, we stumbled over the following issue.

      If a user uploads an H5P content type with libraries not installed in Moodle, the content type will be added (after showing a warning) to the content bank though.
      We think that content requiring missing content types should not be added and listed in the content bank to keep the content bank clear und usable.


      • Either you've got a system with all H5P content types already downloaded by using the scheduled task or you've got a system where none of the content types are downloaded yet.
      • Having a course (Course 1) with one teacher enroled (Teacher)

      Steps to reproduce:

      (Only necessary all content types are downloaded with the scheduled task already):

      • Login as admin
      • Go to the page "Manage H5P content types" (/h5p/libraries.php)
      • Delete the content type "Arithmetic Quiz"
      • Logout
      • Login as Teacher
      • Go to Course 1
      • Open the content bank
      • Click on button "Upload"
      • Add the attached H5P file for "Arithmetic Quiz"
      • Click "Save changes"
      • See the warning

        Note that the libraries may exist in the file you uploaded, but you're not allowed to upload new libraries. Please contact your administrator.
        missing-required-library : Missing required library H5P.ArithmeticQuiz 1.1

      • Click on button "Close"
      • See that the content is added to the content bank although it cannot be used due to missing installed libraries

      Best, Kathrin


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