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MUC session cache items can be set after write_close and silently fail



      Found while testingĀ MDL-68608

      I don't think we want to change the semantics of the cache API so that session caches are tightly bound to sessions - we want to actively decouple these even more to enable readonly sessions.

      So I think the correct solution here is to add support for event based invalidation in a readonly session, which requires touch points in the session store to be aware of write_close and also in the cache api to correctly handle when a purge did not succeed and to try again later.

      Reproduction steps:

      1. add MDL-69977-session-cache-write-close.php to a site
      2. load this page a couple times
      3. confirm the counter stored in the session before it is closed is incrementing
      4. confirm that the counter store in MUC after the session is closed is not incrementing (and it should be changing, or logging an error)

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