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Rescale overridden grades for a course marks all grades as overridden


      Steps to replicate:

      1. Create a course.
      2. Create an assignment activity.
      3. Enroll two students.
      4. Navigate to Site administration > Grades > Grade category settings and select Weighted mean of grades in Available aggregation types setting.
      5. Navigate to the assignment activity grading page and give a grade to both students.
      6. Navigate to Gradebook setup page.
      7. Edit a course category and set Aggregation to Weighted mean of grades.
      8. Navigate to Single view tab, choose one student and override course total grade.
      9. Grader report will look like:
      10. Navigate to Gradebook setup page.
      11. Edit a course category, set Rescale overridden grades to Yes and double Maximum grade.
      12. After this change grader report will look like:
      13. All grades for course total were marked as overridden. Therefore, if the grade is changed from the activity the course total remains the unchanged.

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