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Migrate between existing navigation and 4.0 navigation


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      Migrate between existing navigation and 4.0 navigation.

      Here we aim to make the change between the existing navigation within Moodle to the new Moodle 4.0 navigation.

      Given the initial epic lands we want to begin the process of removing the old navigation elements, correcting and automated test failures, documenting changes and deprecating any and all now unused navigation functions.

      Acceptance criteria

      • Both Primary & Secondary navigations are implemented within theme_boost
      • theme_boost Matches the Moodle 4.0 navigation prototype
      • theme_classic remains unchanged in terms of navigation
      • Behat & PHPUnit tests continue to pass across browsers & themes
      • Hamburger menu and nav drawer removed from Boost
      • Cog icon / action menu removed from pages where secondary navigation now exists
      • Any deprecations follow the Moodle deprecation process
      • Items follow WCAG AA
      • Tested with accessibility dev tools such as inbuilt chrome tools, Axe etc...
      • Keyboard navigation
      • LTR & RTL compatibility
      • The "Add a block" button is available somewhere to add blocks.

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